Melony, Gym Leader in Pokemon Sword and Shield

New Pokemon Discovered in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield


In an exciting announcement made by The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo, a range of new Pokemon have been revealed in the Galar region, which is featured in the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield video games available exclusively on Nintendo Switch systems. This article will provide you with detailed information about these newly discovered Pokemon, their unique characteristics, abilities, and their significance in the game. So, let’s dive into the world of Galar and explore these captivating additions!

Sandaconda – The Sand Snake Pokemon

The first new Pokemon we’ll discuss is Sandaconda. It belongs to the Ground type category and stands tall at a height of 12 feet 6 inches. Weighing in at an impressive 144.4 pounds, Sandaconda possesses a remarkable ability to protect itself. Its head is covered with an inflated sand pouch that serves as a shield against external attacks. This sand pouch exhibits exceptional elasticity and thickness, making it impervious to even the pincers of a Durant. The sand pouch can store a whopping 220 pounds of sand, allowing Sandaconda to withstand adversary strikes effectively.

One of Sandaconda’s unique abilities is called Sand Spit. When Sandaconda is hit by an attack, it can utilize this ability to spray sand from its sand pouch and create a sandstorm. This sandstorm can prove advantageous to the Pokemon during battles, enabling it to gain the upper hand with strategic maneuvers.

Centiskorch – The Radiator Pokemon

Next up is Centiskorch, an awe-inspiring creature categorized as a Fire/Bug type Pokemon. It boasts an impressive height of 9 feet 10 inches and weighs a hefty 264.6 pounds. Centiskorch possesses a fascinating ability to create flammable gases within its body by fermenting its food. These gases are then burned in the heat-generating organs along its belly, resulting in the emergence of powerful flames. Astonishingly, the temperature of these flames can soar up to a scorching 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit!

Gigantamax Sandaconda – Unleashing the Power of Sand

Gigantamax Sandaconda is a colossal version of Sandaconda that showcases its awe-inspiring power. When it undergoes Gigantamax transformation, Sandaconda takes the form of a massive and terrifying tornado. In battle, this Gigantamax Pokemon relies on its incredible spinning speed to cause havoc. The sand surrounding it is whipped up at an extreme velocity, dealing immense damage to anything it comes into contact with.

The Ground-type attacks of Gigantamax Sandaconda change to G-Max Sandblast. This devastating move not only inflicts damage upon opponents but also ensnares them within

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