May and Max Join Ash in Pokemon Advanced

Pokemon Advanced: New Adventures in the Hoenn Region

Pokemon Advanced Episodes Added to Pokemon TV

Ash and Pikachu embark on an exhilarating journey as they venture into the Hoenn region in the sixth season of Pokemon the Series, known as Pokemon Advanced. This thrilling season is now available to watch on Pokemon TV, providing fans with a new set of adventures to enjoy. Join our dynamic duo as they encounter new companions, reunite with old friends, discover extraordinary Pokemon, and tackle exciting challenges while outwitting the mischievous Team Rocket. Get ready to dive into the world of Pokemon Advanced and witness these captivating episodes for yourself!

New (and Old) Friends

As Ash and Pikachu step foot in the Hoenn region, they quickly realize that their journey is about to get even more interesting with the addition of new friends. They meet May, an aspiring Trainer who is embarking on her own Pokemon adventure. Despite a rough start where Pikachu accidentally destroys May’s bicycle, May decides to join forces with Ash (“Get the Show on the Road”). Later, in Petalburg City, Ash encounters May’s family, including her younger brother Max, who dreams of becoming a Pokemon Trainer. Inspired by their shared passion, Max tags along with Ash and May (“There’s No Place like Hoenn”). And for those longing for a familiar face, Brock, Ash’s old friend, makes a timely appearance to rescue the trio from a flock of aggressive Taillow (“You Can Never Taillow”).

A Tearful Farewell

Amidst their epic adventures, Ash and his friends find themselves in conflict with Team Rocket once again. However, this season offers a surprising turn of events that showcases the compassionate side of these seemingly villainous characters. When Team Rocket encounters a heartless Pokemon poacher who captures numerous Ekans and Koffing, they are deeply appalled by the mistreatment of these helpless creatures. It’s especially poignant as Arbok and Weezing, Team Rocket’s trusted partners since the beginning of the series, are evolved forms of these exploited Pokemon. In an act of bravery, Team Rocket fights against the poacher and his powerful Tyranitar, and then decides to release Arbok and Weezing so they can protect the newly freed Pokemon in the wild. It’s a bittersweet moment that reminds us that even those with questionable intentions can show a glimmer of goodness (“A Poached Ego”).

Dueling Villains

Team Rocket isn’t the only force Ash and his companions must contend with in the Hoenn region. Two enigmatic organizations, Team Aqua and Team Magma, have emerged to vie for dominance in this land of opportunity. These rival factions, led by Archie and Maxie respectively, are locked in a fierce battle to reshape the world according to their desires. Team Aqua seeks to expand the seas, while Team Magma aims to expand the land. These conflicting goals lead to encounters with our heroes as they stumble upon the clandestine conflicts between the two teams. The season reaches a climactic point when Team Aqua and Team Magma finally clash in a monumental confrontation, demonstrating their formidable powers and setting the stage for future encounters (“A Three Team Scheme”). The intricate motives of these organizations will gradually unfold, promising epic battles and legendary encounters in seasons to come.

Hitting the Gym(s)

For Ash, a new region means fresh opportunities to challenge formidable opponents in Gym battles. The Hoenn region is no exception, providing a series of intense encounters for our aspiring Pokemon Master. Early in the season, Ash faces Norman, the esteemed Petalburg Gym Leader, who surprisingly turns out to be May and Max’s father (“There’s No Place like Hoenn”). Throughout Pokemon Advanced, Ash takes on various Gym Leaders such as Roxanne at Rustboro Gym (“The Winner by a Nosepass”), Brawly at Dewford Gym (“Brave the Wave!”), and Wattson at Mauville Gym (“What’s With Wattson?”). These exhilarating battles put Ash’s skills to the test, paving the way for intense rivalries and fierce competition in his journey to collect Gym badges and secure a spot in the Pokemon League.

Cool Contests

Gym battles aren’t the only source of excitement in the Hoenn region. Pokemon Contests take center stage as a popular form of entertainment. These alluring events revolve around the grace and elegance of Pokemon moves rather than raw strength. Rustboro City becomes the gateway for our heroes to discover the world of Pokemon Contests and Pokemon Coordinators, individuals who raise Pokemon specifically for these impressive showcases. May, in particular, is captivated by the allure of Contests and nurtures a deep desire to become a Coordinator (“All Things Bright and Beautifly”). Her dreams become a reality when she enters her Beautifly into a Contest and faces off against her rival, Drew, and his Roselia (“Win, Lose, or Drew!”). This captivating introduction to Pokemon Contests sets the stage for May’s evolution as a Coordinator, and fans can eagerly anticipate her future participation in these exquisite competitions.


Embark on a thrilling adventure with Ash and his friends as they explore the captivating Hoenn region in Pokemon Advanced. Witness the formation of new friendships, heart-touching farewells, and exhilarating battles against both familiar adversaries and emerging threats. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Gym battles and Pokemon Contests, where dreams are pursued and true potential is unleashed. Rediscover the essence of Pokemon through this extraordinary season that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next episode.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I watch Pokemon Advanced episodes?

You can watch Pokemon Advanced episodes on Pokemon TV, which now offers the entire sixth season of Pokemon the Series. Connect to Pokemon TV’s mobile app or visit the website to access these classic episodes from the Hoenn region.

2. Are there any returning characters in Pokemon Advanced?

Indeed! Ash’s faithful friend Brock makes a welcome comeback in Pokemon Advanced, reuniting with Ash and joining his journey through the Hoenn region. Additionally, recurring characters from previous seasons may make surprise appearances, adding to the excitement of the storyline.

3. What are Pokemon Contests, and how do they differ from Gym battles?

Unlike Gym battles, which focus on the strength and battling capabilities of Pokemon, Pokemon Contests emphasize the elegance, grace, and skillful execution of moves. Trainers participate in Contests to showcase their Pokemon’s beauty and coordination. It’s an opportunity to exhibit a different aspect of Pokemon training and compete in a visually captivating arena.

4. Will Team Aqua and Team Magma continue to be prominent in future seasons?

Yes, the influence of Team Aqua and Team Magma extends beyond Pokemon Advanced. Prepare for their ongoing presence and further exploration of their ultimate goals in upcoming seasons. Brace yourself for more suspenseful encounters and thrilling storylines involving these two captivating organizations.

5. How many Gym badges will Ash collect in Pokemon Advanced?

To find out how successful Ash is in his quest to collect Gym badges in the Hoenn region, follow his unwavering determination through Pokemon Advanced. Will he triumph over formidable Gym Leaders and amass a collection of badges, inching closer to his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master? Tune in to discover how far Ash progresses on his journey of growth and accomplishment.

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