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Maximo: Army of Zin was a PlayStation 2 exclusive retro game released in 2003. Developed by Capcom, Maximo is an action-adventure game that received mixed feedback from critics upon its release. However, it still remains a sought-after classic by many retro gaming enthusiasts.

The game is set in the land of Zin, where Maximo, the main protagonist, must fight against an army of mechanical creatures to save the kingdom. The game’s development followed up on the heels of the successful Maximo: Ghosts to Glory.

As gamers, it’s essential to look back at retro games like Maximo, as they paved the way for modern hits we enjoy today. Through analyzing and understanding these video game classics, we can gain insights into how the gaming realm has progressed in terms of mechanics, sound design, narrative, and overall experience.

In summary, Maximo: Army of Zin is a classic retro game deserving of analysis and attention, and we are excited to review and share its overall impact with our readers on Game Revolution.

Gameplay Overview

Maximo: Army of Zin has a lot to offer for its players in terms of gameplay mechanics. The mechanics are simple yet expandable while offering an enjoyable experience for fans of hack and slash combat style games. The game follows a foundation of exploration and fighting through hordes of challenging enemies. Limbs of fallen enemies can be collected and used as power-ups to help along the way. Some of the features that the game offers regarding the gameplay are:

  • Varied level design that enhances the whole experience of the game.
  • Innovative combat system with the user’s ability to perform a wide range of attacks.
  • Weapons, shields, and armor that can be acquired throughout the game.
  • Challenging bosses that vary up the pace of gameplay and test the player’s skills.

This game ranks above average regarding its game design, enemy AI, and combat system compared to other hack-and-slash games within the same genre at the time of its release. It is worth noting that game technology back then was primitive, and Army of Zin’s quality still stands out today. The controls are responsive, and the gameplay is smooth and satisfying overall. Army of Zin can hold its name up as a prime example of a great game, even well after its release date.


Maximo: Army of Zin boasted impressive graphics during its release in 2003, even compared to other titles released during that time.

The game’s art style is a standout feature, with its charming cartoon-like visuals reminiscent of classic animation. The lush environments, heroic character designs, and imaginative enemy designs are just as stunning today as they were in 2003.

While Maximo: Army of Zin clearly prioritizes style over realism, it still holds up as a visually pleasing game. The graphics were fitting for an action platformer, which relies more on color and design as compared to plot-driven games that rely on lifelike visual representation.

Maximo: Army of Zin’s visuals were surprising for their quality and style at the time of its release. It still holds up today as one of the best examples of using art and design to create a memorable gaming experience.

All in all, while graphics alone cannot make an excellent game, they can undoubtedly contribute to the memorable experience of playing it. Maximo: Army of Zin excels in graphics and has a unique art style, contributing to its overall outstanding impact in the world of gaming.

Maximo: Army of Zin – Story

Maximo: Army of Zin offers players a fascinating storyline that takes place in a medieval-fantasy world full of monsters, treasures, and magic. The game tells the story of the brave Maximo, who has to embark on an epic journey to save a kingdom from an evil sorcerer’s dark magic and ferocious minions.

As players progress through the game, they will encounter a cast of memorable characters, from the loyal princess Sofia to the scheming villain Achille. The game’s story is presented through cutscenes that seamlessly blend in with the gameplay, immersing players into the game world.

The game’s plot is well-crafted, drawing players into a captivating tale of heroism, betrayal, and redemption. The game also tackles some mature themes, such as the danger of greed and the consequences of one’s actions.

When compared to other games within the same genre, Maximo: Army of Zin’s storyline holds its own. Games like The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania have offered well-crafted narratives in the medieval-fantasy genre, but Maximo delivers its story in a way that is both engrossing and impactful.

Whether it’s confronting an army of skeletons or taking on the fierce titular boss, the player is constantly driven by a desire to uncover what lurks around the next corner. With its well-written and beautifully executed story, Maximo: Army of Zin is a true gem for fans of the action-adventure genre.

Sound Design

Maximo: Army of Zin has a great sound design that perfectly complements the game’s action-packed gameplay. The use of sound effects and music throughout the game enhances the overall experience, making it more immersive and enjoyable.

The sound effects in Maximo: Army of Zin are crisp and impactful, making every hit and enemy interaction feel satisfying. The music is also noteworthy, with a fantastic orchestral soundtrack that perfectly captures the game’s epic fantasy tone. The soundtrack is well-composed, and the choice of instruments matches the various environments within the game.

One of the great things about Maximo: Army of Zin’s sound design is how it’s used to create tension and anticipation in certain situations. The game’s audio cues let players know when danger is ahead, often giving them just enough time to prepare for the upcoming enemy encounters. Additionally, when facing off against bosses, the music changes to signal the transition into a more challenging stage of the game.

When compared to other games of the era and genre, Maximo: Army of Zin’s sound design truly stands out. The game’s use of audio is vital to the overall experience, and it’s clear that the developers put a great deal of effort into it. If you’re a fan of great sound design in video games, then Maximo: Army of Zin is definitely one worth checking out.

Replayability and Difficulty

Maximo: Army of Zin has a high replayability factor with its various quests and challenges that can be repeated multiple times. These challenges ensure that players have new experiences throughout the game and encourage replaying the game. The implementation of hidden treasures, abilities, and weapons adds to the replayability of the game, giving players incentives to play through again to collect all items.

In terms of difficulty, Maximo: Army of Zin does a great job of challenging its players while also not being too difficult. The game starts off with a reasonable level of difficulty, gradually increasing as the player progresses. The game’s unforgiving combat system encourages the player to learn the game’s mechanics and get better at it. Some gamers might find the difficulty of the game too easy or too much, but it is subjective to the player’s preference.

When compared to other retro games that have similar replayability and difficulty ratings, Maximo: Army of Zin stands out as it combines the two aspects perfectly. It consistently innovates and keeps players engaged throughout the gameplay.

Overall, this game has excellent replayability and difficulty aspects that appeal to gamers, making it an exciting and entertaining game to play. Its difficulty may not be for everyone, but the gameplay ensures the players can customize it to their abilities.


In conclusion, Maximo: Army of Zin is an exceptional example of the PlayStation 2’s platformer library. After extensively analyzing the game, we can confidently say that it excels in almost all aspects. The game delivers top-notch gameplay, excellent graphics, a compelling story, impressive sound design, and an ideal difficulty and replayability rating.

In terms of gameplay, the game offers an enjoyable mix of hack-and-slash and platforming mechanics that still feels satisfying to play in 2021. The game’s visuals are aesthetically pleasing and impressive for its time. With a compelling story filled with unique characters, the game’s narrative satisfies players’ needs for a substantial, engaging experience. The game’s soundtrack still holds up to this day, featuring an unforgettable score that enhances the overall experience.

Without a doubt, Maximo: Army of Zin is one of the standout games of its generation, deserving more recognition even today. The game is an absolute must-play for retro gamers, classic platformer fans, and those looking for an experience that is both enjoyable and challenging. With all of this considered, we give Maximo: Army of Zin an outstanding score of 9/10.

We encourage readers to check out Maximo: Army of Zin and other retro games on Game Revolution. It’s essential to revisit great games from previous generations to understand how far the industry has come and how games have evolved over time. Thank you for reading and supporting Game Revolution!


1. Is Maximo: Army of Zin a difficult game?

Yes, the game offers a decent level of difficulty, especially during boss battles. However, the game’s checkpoint system and the ability to collect extra lives make it easier to progress through the game.

2. Can players replay levels in Maximo: Army of Zin?

Yes, players can replay levels to collect missed items or improve their score. However, the game’s linear design means that there is no major branching storyline to explore.

3. What makes Maximo: Army of Zin different from other games within the same genre?

Maximo: Army of Zin offers a unique blend of platforming and hack-and-slash gameplay, allowing players to explore levels in a non-linear fashion while battling hordes of enemies. Additionally, the game’s cartoonish and campy aesthetic sets it apart from other more serious games in the genre.

4. How important is the sound design in Maximo: Army of Zin?

The game’s sound design adds a layer of immersion to the experience, with each swing of Maximo’s sword or enemy death accompanied by satisfying sound effects. Additionally, the game’s music enhances the retro feel of the game and adds to the overall enjoyment.

5. Where can I purchase and play Maximo: Army of Zin?

Maximo: Army of Zin is available for purchase on the PlayStation Network for PS4 and PS5 consoles and can also be played through PlayStation Now. It is also possible to find physical copies of the game for the PlayStation 2 console on various online marketplaces.

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