Mastering Zoroark in Pokemon UNITE

The Illusion Fox Pokemon, Zoroark, Is Now Available in Pokemon UNITE

In the ever-evolving world of Pokemon UNITE, new content is consistently being added to enhance the gameplay experience. One exciting addition is the introduction of the Illusion Fox Pokemon, Zoroark. This Melee Speedster hails from the Unova region and possesses the unique ability to take on the appearance of other Pokemon, making it a formidable opponent on Aeos Island.

Obtaining Zoroark

If you’re eager to add Zoroark to your Pokemon UNITE team, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you can acquire Zoroark using 14,000 Aeos coins at the Unite Battle Committee shop. Alternatively, for the first seven days of its release, Zoroark can be obtained exclusively through the purchase of a Holowear bundle for 1,625 Aeos gems. The choice is yours, but be sure to act fast if you want to secure this powerful Pokemon!

Zoroark’s Evolution and Abilities

In its base form, Zoroark begins as Zorua. However, as the battle progresses, Zorua will evolve into Zoroark at Lv. 5. Both Zorua and Zoroark display a unique ability called Illusion. When activated, this ability causes the Pokemon to transform into a random wild Pokemon or a Pokemon from the opposing team. The illusion dissipates when Zoroark sustains damage or executes a basic attack or move, providing a surprise tactic to catch opponents off guard.

Moves and Strategies

Zoroark possesses a range of powerful moves that can turn the tide of battle. At Lv. 1 and 3, Zoroark has access to the moves Slash and Fury Swipes. Slash allows Zoroark to dash in a designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon, while Fury Swipes grants additional dash attacks upon hitting an opponent. These moves provide Zoroark with mobility and the ability to consistently engage adversaries.

Upon reaching Lv. 5, Zoroark gains access to Night Slash and Feint Attack. Night Slash changes Zoroark’s movement to dash attacks for a brief period, with each successful dash attack boosting the power of its next basic attack. Feint Attack allows Zoroark to dash towards opponents, reducing cooldowns and marking the dash’s start point. Zoroark can chain multiple dash attacks and unleash devastating combos to overwhelm foes.

At Lv. 7, Zoroark’s arsenal expands to include the moves Shadow Claw and Cut. Shadow Claw inflicts damage on opposing Pokemon and immobilizes them temporarily, while Cut not only damages foes but also restores Zoroark’s own HP. These moves complement Zoroark’s playstyle by providing crowd control and sustaining its own health during intense battles.

Metagame Strategies

As Zoroark joins the ranks of powerful Speedsters in Pokemon UNITE, it emerges as one of the most agile and mobile options available. Moves like Night Slash and Feint Attack grant Zoroark the ability to swiftly traverse the battlefield, making it reminiscent of the tactics employed by Lucario and Tsareena. Coordinating these moves with the utility of Shadow Claw and Cut allows Zoroark to unleash devastating combos while avoiding potential threats. Strategic cooldown management is key to ensuring Zoroark’s effectiveness.

Countering Pokemon and Weaknesses

Understanding Zoroark’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial when facing off against this elusive Pokemon. Zoroark excels at taking down opponents with ranged attacks, making it a formidable adversary for Pokemon like Espeon. Espeon’s reliance on distance attacks leaves it vulnerable to Zoroark’s gap-closing abilities, such as Night Slash and Feint Attack. By capitalizing on Espeon’s low HP and exploiting the close-range weakness, Zoroark can swiftly eliminate this opponent.

On the other hand, Zoroark struggles against Clefable, which possesses the Gravity move. Gravity prevents Zoroark from executing its key mobility moves, such as Night Slash and Feint Attack, leaving it temporarily unable to act. Cleverly timed Gravity usage by Clefable can disrupt Zoroark’s tactics and hinder its ability to contribute to team fights effectively. Therefore, it is advisable for Zoroark players to avoid engaging Clefable directly or to wait for the opportune moment to strike when its key abilities are on cooldown.

Zoroark Character Spotlight | Pokemon UNITE

Zoroark is a Speedster that thrives on its ability to dash into battle, dance around opponents, and vanish without a trace. Its unique Illusion ability, coupled with its versatile move set, allows Zoroark players to adopt deceptive strategies to catch opponents off guard and turn the tide of battle. If you’re looking for a Pokemon that excels in mobility and outmaneuvering opponents, Zoroark is an excellent choice!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I obtain Zoroark in Pokemon UNITE?

Answer: Zoroark can be obtained by spending 14,000 Aeos coins at the Unite Battle Committee shop. Alternatively, during the first seven days of its release, Zoroark can be acquired through the purchase of a Holowear bundle for 1,625 Aeos gems.

Q2: What advantages does Zoroark’s Illusion ability provide in battles?

Answer: Zoroark’s Illusion ability allows it to transform into a random wild Pokemon or a Pokemon from the opposing team. This ability provides an element of surprise and confusion to opponents, enabling Zoroark to catch them off guard and gain a strategic advantage.

Q3: How do Zoroark’s Night Slash and Feint Attack moves synergize with its playstyle?

Answer: Night Slash enhances Zoroark’s mobility by transforming its normal movement into dash attacks. This allows Zoroark to unleash devastating combos and land special boosted basic attacks. Feint Attack, on the other hand, enables Zoroark to close the gap between itself and opponents while reducing move cooldowns. These moves, combined with Zoroark’s Illusion ability, grant it exceptional maneuverability and the ability to surprise opponents with precise strikes.

Q4: How does Zoroark fare against Espeon?

Answer: Zoroark has a distinct advantage against Espeon due to its gap-closing abilities and Espeon’s vulnerability to close-range encounters. Zoroark’s Night Slash and Feint Attack allow it to quickly approach and overpower Espeon, which heavily relies on ranged attacks. Exploiting Espeon’s relatively low HP, Zoroark can swiftly eliminate this opponent and establish dominance on the battlefield.

Q5: What strategies should Zoroark players employ when facing Clefable?

Answer: Clefable poses a challenge for Zoroark

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