Mastering Umbreon in Pokemon UNITE

Umbreon Prances into Pokemon UNITE to Celebrate the Eevee Festival

Are you ready to channel your inner focus as Umbreon in Pokemon UNITE? As part of the Eevee Festival, Umbreon joins the fray as a Melee Defender with a bit of moxie. Similar to its fellow Eevee Evolutions, Umbreon starts each match as Eevee before evolving into Umbreon during battle. This Dark-type Pokemon brings its unique moveset, including Mean Look, Snarl, and Foul Play, to the game. You can obtain Umbreon for 12,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee Shop, but for the first seven days of its release, Umbreon can only be obtained with Aeos gems.

Eevee Festival and Eevee Appeal-o-rama Battles

But wait, the Eevee Festival doesn’t stop there! For fans who can’t get enough of Eevee and its Evolutions, there’s even more to enjoy. During the Eevee Festival, special quick battles called Eevee Appeal-o-rama battles will take place, where only Eevee can participate. Eevee will be scattered all over the map, and Gigantamax Eevee will make a special appearance too. This event presents a fantastic opportunity to earn fabulous prizes, including Unite license puzzle pieces for Espeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. Additionally, players can style their favorite Eevee Evolutions with discounted Checkered Holowear. Make sure to mark your calendars as the Eevee festivities will continue until Thursday, June 22, at 4:59 p.m. PDT.

Umbreon Basics

Ability: Anticipation (Eevee)

When Eevee would be shoved, thrown, or left unable to act, its Anticipation ability negates the effect. However, this ability goes on cooldown after being triggered.

Ability: Inner Focus (Umbreon)

Similarly, when Umbreon would be shoved, thrown, or left unable to act, its Inner Focus ability negates the effect. For a short time, Umbreon also becomes immune to hindrances and sees an increase in its Defense and Special Defense. Just like Anticipation, this ability also goes on cooldown after being triggered.

Basic Attacks and HP Restoration

Umbreon’s basic attack becomes a boosted attack with every third strike, lunging at an opposing Pokemon and causing damage. Not only that, but this boosted attack also restores Umbreon’s HP. Interestingly, the lower Umbreon’s remaining HP, the more HP is restored through its boosted attack.

Lv. 1 & 2 Moves


Eevee unleashes star-shaped rays, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and applying a mark to them. When Eevee is near marked opposing Pokemon, its movement speed increases. Furthermore, when Eevee attacks marked opponents, its next basic attack becomes a boosted attack.

Fake Tears

Eevee feigns crying, which not only deals damage to nearby opposing Pokemon but also decreases their Defense and Special Defense. Additionally, Eevee gains a shield for itself through this move.

Lv. 4 Moves

Mean Look

With this move, Umbreon pins an opposing Pokemon with a dark, arresting look. This results in the opposing Pokemon becoming surrounded by a black zone, unable to leave it for a short duration. While Umbreon is within this black zone, its basic attacks become boosted attacks and it deals increased damage to the trapped Pokemon. The duration of the black zone can be enhanced by upgrading the Mean Look move.

Foul Play

By charging forward, Umbreon deals damage to any opposing Pokemon it hits and decreases their movement speed. If the charge successfully hits an opposing Pokemon, Umbreon can use Foul Play again. When used again, Umbreon performs a sweeping attack with its tail, causing damage, reducing movement speed, and shoving the opposing Pokemon. The second stage of Foul Play deals increased damage based on the Attack stat of the Pokemon hit by the first stage. Upgrades to Foul Play allow Umbreon’s next basic attack after using this move to become a boosted attack.

Lv. 6 Moves


This move allows Umbreon to make a wish for an ally Pokemon. As a result, the targeted ally Pokemon receives reduced damage for a set amount of time. Afterward, the wish comes true, restoring HP to the Pokemon. If the targeted ally Pokemon is knocked out before the wish comes true, a nearby ally Pokemon takes the wish instead. Enhancements to the Wish move can further reduce the damage received by the targeted ally Pokemon and increase the amount of HP restored when the wish is fulfilled.


Umbreon lets out a loud yell, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in its vicinity and reducing their Attack, Special Attack, and movement speed. This move also grants Umbreon a shield. The yelling continues for a set amount of time, and then Umbreon delivers a final shout that leaves opposing Pokemon in the surrounding area unable to act. This final shout further decreases their Attack and Special Attack. The decreases in Attack and Special Attack can stack, and upgrading the Snarl move increases the duration of time that opposing Pokemon are unable to act.

Umbreon’s Unite Move: Moonlight Prance

Umbreon possesses a unique Unite Move called Moonlight Prance. When not engaged in combat, Umbreon continuously recovers HP. Additionally, the move allows Umbreon to leap up and absorb shields from opposing Pokemon in its vicinity, taking them for itself. After landing, Umbreon deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area and leaves them unable to act. For a short time following this, whenever an opposing Pokemon in the area is granted a shield, Umbreon absorbs a portion of it and adds it to its own.

Metagame Watch

In the metagame, Melee Defenders play a crucial role by staying in the action and making space for their more vulnerable teammates who have less durability and mobility. Umbreon, as a unique Melee Defender, deviates from the typical strategy of hindering opposing Pokemon and focuses more on healing. With boosted attacks and the Wish move for healing, Umbreon can dive in and knock out opposing Attackers while using self-healing to avoid being knocked out itself. Utilizing moves like Foul Play and Snarl, Umbreon can plow through opposing Pokemon, creating opportunities for its team.

Strong Against: Blastoise

Although Umbreon should generally avoid attacking bulkier Pokemon like Blastoise, it can take advantage of Blastoise’s large shields with its Unite Move, Moonlight Prance. At higher levels, Blastoise’s Unite Move, Hydro Typhoon, grants it a huge shield, allowing it to charge into the enemy backline fearlessly. When Umbreon uses Moonlight Prance, it can immediately steal away that shield, effectively taking a portion of Blastoise’s HP for itself, turning the tide of battle.

Weak Against: Mew

While Foul Play enables Umbreon to chase down most Pokemon, the high mobility of Mew creates a challenge. Mew’s long-range moves, such as Solar Beam and Electro Ball, can easily take down Umbreon in a one-on-one encounter. To effectively pressure Mew, Umbreon should target it with additional backup and hindrances. This way, it becomes less daunting to engage the Ranged Attacker with moves like Snarl, Foul Play, or Mean Look.

Umbreon Is Now Available in Pokemon UNITE

Don’t miss the chance to play as Umbreon in Pokemon UNITE! With its unique moveset and defensive playstyle, Umbreon brings its magic to Aeos Island. Evolve from Eevee and embrace the darkness with Mean Look, Snarl, and Foul Play as you defend your allies and create chaos on the battlefield. Obtain Umbreon for 12,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee Shop. Remember that Umbreon will only be obtainable with Aeos gems for the first seven days of its release.


Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokemon, adds an exciting dynamic to Pokemon UNITE with its Melee Defender role and unique moves. Its abilities, boosted attacks, and healing capabilities make it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Take advantage of Umbreon’s presence during the Eevee Festival and explore its various moves to uncover new strategies and synergies with team compositions. Whether you’re a fan of Eevee and its Evolutions or a Pokemon UNITE enthusiast, Umbreon is sure to bring excitement and freshness to your gameplay experience.


1. Can Umbreon be used in ranked battles?

No, Umbreon is available for use in both casual and standard battles in Pokemon UNITE but is not included in the ranked battle mode.

2. Are there any other Eevee Evolutions available in the game?

Yes, Espeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon are also available as playable characters in Pokemon UNITE. Each Eevee Evolution has its own unique moveset and playstyle.

3. Can Umbreon’s abilities be upgraded?

Yes, Umbreon’s moves can be upgraded as you progress with the character. Upgrades may enhance the duration, power, or effects of certain moves, offering more strategic options during battles.

4. Can I customize Umbreon’s appearance or choose alternate skins?

Currently, there are no alternate skins or customization options available specifically for Umbreon. However, players can style their favorite Eevee Evolutions, including Umbreon, with discounted Checkered Holowear during the Eevee Festival event.

5. How can I earn Aeos coins and gems in Pokemon UNITE?

Aeos coins can be earned by playing matches, completing missions, and participating in events in Pokemon UNITE. Aeos gems can be purchased with real money or obtained as rewards through various in-game activities.

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