Lost Abyss Expansion Set in Pokemon TCG

Pokemon TCG: Lost Abyss Expansion Set Revealed!

The Pokemon Company has recently announced the upcoming release of the Lost Abyss expansion set for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). This highly anticipated set is set to hit stores later this year in Japan, and it is expected to bring exciting new gameplay elements and strategies to the TCG community.

Powerful Cards with Lost Zone Abilities

One of the key highlights of the Lost Abyss expansion set is the introduction of cards with the ability to interact with the Lost Zone. These cards feature unique illustrations and frames that clearly depict their connection to this mysterious zone.

Unlock the Power of Star Requiem

One of the standout cards in this expansion set is the “Star Requiem” trick, which can be utilized by players who have accumulated 10 or more cards in their Lost Zone. This powerful trick allows players to enhance the strength of their battle Pokemon. Additionally, there is a trick called “Lost Impact” that not only inflicts significant damage but also increases the number of cards in the Lost Zone, making it easier to activate the “Star Requiem” trick.

Prepare Giratina VSTAR with Abyss Seek

Another valuable trick introduced in the Lost Abyss set is “Abyss Seek.” This trick enables players to increase their hand size while simultaneously adding more cards to the Lost Zone. This strategic move sets the stage for unleashing the full potential of Giratina VSTAR and its powerful VSTAR power!

Magical Fire and the Simultaneous Damage

The “Magical Fire” trick is a game-changer, capable of dealing a devastating 120 damage to both your opponent’s Battle Pokemon and Bench Pokemon. This trick excels at inflicting simultaneous damage, making it a formidable tool for dominating battles. Moreover, players can further enhance their strategy by increasing the number of cards in the Lost Zone by two.

Unlock the Potential of Characteristics

Hana Erabi’s Hand Expansion

The unique characteristic “Hana Erabi” grants players the ability to increase both their hand size and the number of cards in their Lost Zone by one. This characteristic is only active while the Pokemon is on the battlefield, so players can effectively utilize it by strategically swapping Pokemon on the bench.

Mermaid Trait for Lost Zone Manipulation

The trait “Mermaid” introduces a fascinating gameplay mechanic where players can send a Banette card to the Lost Zone while simultaneously retrieving support cards from the discard pile. This maneuver frees up space on the bench, allowing for the inclusion of other powerful Pokemon. It’s important to note that this card itself does not possess any abilities related to the Lost Zone.

Strategic Utilization of Lost Zone

Insertion Impact for Strategic Placement

Using the “Insertion Impact” trick, players can send a card from their hand to the Lost Zone. This strategic move allows players to strategically remove obstacles such as opponent’s stadiums and Pokemon. Additionally, players can also choose to remove their own stadiums and Pokemon, further expanding their repertoire of moves and enhancing the number of cards in the Lost Zone.

Powerful Support for Increased Hand-size and Lost Zone Cards

The Lost Abyss expansion set introduces versatile supporter cards that not only increase the number of cards in the player’s hand but also facilitate additions to the Lost Zone. By revealing the top 5 cards of the deck and selecting 3 to add to the hand, these support cards provide a strategic advantage and can be used in various scenarios.

Unlock Additional Secrets with Lost Abyss

Kizetsu Stadium: A Gateway to the Lost Zone

The Kizetsu Stadium card revolutionizes gameplay by allowing players to place it directly into the Lost Zone instead of sending it to the discard pile when either player’s Pokemon becomes knocked out. If the Pokemon being knocked out is an evolved form, all of its previous evolutionary stages are also sent to the Lost Zone, offering players a tactical advantage.

Lost Provide: Power Without Energy Requirements

The “Lost Provide” characteristic presents a powerful trick, “Otoboke Spit,” that deals 110 damage without requiring any energy cards. This ability can be utilized when players have accumulated four or more cards in their Lost Zone, providing a formidable offensive strategy even without access to energy cards.

Efficient Energy Addition with Lost Zone

Giratina VSTAR’s capability to add up to two different types of energy cards from the deck to the player’s Pokemon becomes exceptionally potent when players have seven or more cards in their Lost Zone. This flexibility allows players to tailor their energy composition to support the tricks and abilities of Giratina VSTAR, including the utilization of grass energy and super energy.

Release Information and Products

The Pokemon Company will release the Lost Abyss expansion set on Friday, July 15, 2022, in Japan. The suggested retail price for the expansion pack is 165 yen per pack, with each pack containing five randomly enclosed cards. Additionally, a special set, the Sword & Shield VSTAR Special Set, will be released on Friday, August 5, 2022. This set includes a V & VSTAR Promo Card Pack, eight packs of the Lost Abyss expansion, and a VSTAR marker. The retail price for the Sword & Shield VSTAR Special Set is 1,980 yen.


The Lost Abyss expansion set for the Pokemon Trading Card Game brings a host of exciting new gameplay mechanics and strategies that players can explore. With cards that interact with the Lost Zone, such as the powerful “Star Requiem” and the strategic “Abyss Seek,” players have new tools at their disposal to shape the outcome of battles. The characteristics and traits introduced in this set, such as “Hana Erabi” and “Mermaid,” further add depth to gameplay and require players to carefully consider their tactical decisions. Whether utilizing the Lost Zone for advantage or unleashing devastating tricks like “Magical Fire” and “Otoboke Spit,” the Lost Abyss expansion set is sure to captivate Pokemon TCG enthusiasts and provide endless hours of thrilling gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the cards in the Lost Abyss expansion set compatible with previous Pokemon TCG sets?

Yes, the Lost Abyss expansion set is designed to be compatible with previous Pokemon TCG sets. You can mix and match cards from different sets to create powerful, custom decks.

2. Can I use the Lost Abyss cards in official Pokemon TCG tournaments?

Yes, once the Lost Abyss expansion set is officially released, the cards can be used in sanctioned Pokemon TCG tournaments, provided they adhere to the tournament’s specific rules and regulations.

3. Can I pre-order the Lost Abyss expansion set?

It is advisable to check with your local retailers or online Pokemon TCG stores for pre-order information on the Lost Abyss expansion set. Many retailers offer pre-order options for popular TCG releases.

4. Can I use the Lost Abyss expansion set in the Pokemon TCG Online game?

Upon the release of the Lost Abyss expansion set, it is likely that the new cards will be added to the Pokemon TCG Online game. Players can enjoy using these new cards digitally and engage in battles with opponents from around the world.

5. Are there any other related products or merchandise releasing alongside the Lost Abyss expansion set?

While the Lost Abyss expansion set is the primary product release, The Pokemon Company may offer additional promotional or collector’s items related to the set. It is always exciting to keep an eye out for any new Pokemon TCG merchandise announcements.

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