Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn

Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas

Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO, is constantly introducing new events and content to keep players engaged. One of their latest announcements is the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas event. In this article, we will explore the details of this exciting event and what players can expect from it.

Event Gameplay

Get ready for a Hoenn-inspired adventure in the vibrant city of Las Vegas! Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas promises a unique and thrilling experience for Trainers. There’s a twist to this event that will surely raise eyebrows – working with Team GO Rocket! Ticket-holding Trainers will have the opportunity to embark on an exclusive adventure and collaborate with the Team GO Rocket Leaders for the first time ever. The big question is, have they truly changed their ways, or is it all part of a devious trap? Find out by participating in Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas!

Shining Surprises

Professor Willow is puzzled by new data that suggests Trainers participating in Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas will have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon originally discovered in the Hoenn region. This means that players can expect some rare and dazzling Pokemon throughout their adventure. Additionally, it has been revealed that a never-before-seen Shiny Jirachi will make a special appearance during the event, providing an extraordinary opportunity for Trainers to add this unique Pokemon to their collection.

A Coded Quest

Sunset Park will hold a hidden secret during Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas. Trainers will have the thrilling task of finding secret codes scattered throughout the park. Once these codes are discovered, Trainers will have the chance to encounter Legendary Pokemon. It’s a treasure hunt like no other, adding an element of mystery and excitement to the event.

Exclusive Live Experiences

Legendary encounters

Nothing screams adventure more than encountering Legendary Pokemon, and Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas will not disappoint. Trainers will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with the majestic Latias or Latios, the Eon Pokemon. Snap a photo of Latias (Sapphire badge) or Latios (Ruby badge) in the wild, and you’ll earn an extra encounter with the respective Pokemon. This unique chance to witness such powerful and rare Pokemon adds a thrilling element to the event.

Encounters in GO Snapshot

During the event, Trainers are encouraged to take snapshots through the GO Snapshot feature. This seemingly innocent activity may lead to delightful surprises as Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, the first partner Pokemon of the Hoenn region, may unexpectedly photobomb your pictures. It’s a fascinating way to capture the essence of the Hoenn adventure in a fun and interactive manner.

Timed Research: GO for a Spin

Trainers who enjoy completing research tasks will have an exciting Timed Research to undertake. By successfully completing the tasks, Trainers will have the chance to encounter Spinda, the Spot Panda Pokemon. This unique and adorable Pokemon adds a touch of charm and challenge to the event.

Field Research

Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas introduces specific Field Research tasks that reward Trainers with Mega Energy and opportunities to catch Ghost-type Pokemon. Trainers with event tickets will have an increased chance of receiving this research. It’s a fantastic opportunity to expand your Pokemon collection and boost your progress during the event.


Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas offers several bonuses to enhance the Trainers’ experiences. These bonuses include:

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