League of Legends Eternals: Secrets Unveiled

The Meaning of League of Legends Eternals


League of Legends Eternals, developed by Riot Games, have gained popularity over the past three years. Initially facing dissatisfaction with the available tracking options, Eternals have now become an excellent tool for monitoring progress on favorite champions. In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of Eternals, covering everything you need to know about these champion-specific stat-trackers.

What Are Eternals?

Eternals are specialized stat-trackers designed to monitor various milestones achieved in League of Legends games. Currently, there are three different sets of Eternals available: Starter Series, Series 1, and Series 2. Once you unlock an Eternal Series, you can begin tracking your progress. This progress will be visible in the Player Showcase during the loading screen and on your opponent’s death screen. Moreover, callout pop-ups will notify you when you reach significant milestones.

Eternal Series: Exploring the Different Sets

Introduction to Eternal Series

Riot Games offers three main types of Eternal Series: Starter Series, Series 1, and Series 2. Each series features unique milestones for every champion, allowing players to track their progress and achievements.

Common Eternals vs. Unique Eternals

Once you unlock an Eternal Series, you will receive different types of milestones depending on the series you purchased. Common Eternals are not champion-specific and track general statistics such as takedowns and epic monsters killed. These common Eternals are typically part of the Starter Series. On the other hand, Unique Eternals track champion-specific stats. For example, if you unlock Eternal Series 1 on Braum, you will be able to track the amount of damage blocked with his ability “Unbreakable.”

Finding and Purchasing Eternals

Locating Your Eternals Progress

Finding your Eternal progress can sometimes be challenging. However, the “Progression” tab under your champion of choice provides easy access to track your milestones. There, you can monitor your progress on each milestone associated with your favorite champion.

Purchasing Eternals

If you’re interested in trying out the League of Legends Eternals, you can easily purchase them in the Champions Section of the League of Legends store. Simply navigate to the “Eternals” tab on the left side and explore the available options.

Pricing of Eternal Series

The cost of Eternal Series varies depending on the type you choose. Here is a breakdown of the prices:

– Starter Series Eternal: 225 RP / 2500 BE
– Series 1 Eternal: 600 RP
– Series 2 Eternal: 600 RP

Considering Eternal Passes

For players with extensive champion pools who don’t want to limit themselves to a few champions, the Eternal passes offer a viable solution. These passes allow you to unlock the Eternal Series on every champion in the game. However, it is essential to consider the pricing, as the Eternal passes are relatively more expensive. Take some time to evaluate whether they are worth the investment for your gaming preferences.

Earning Eternals Capsules

If you prefer not to spend your own money on in-game features, you can still obtain Eternals Capsules by playing the game. These capsules can be earned by completing missions during events or achieving specific rewards in ranked play. The Eternal Capsule allows you to receive shards for RP-only Eternal sets, such as Series 1 and Series 2 Eternals.

Unlocking Special Features and Enhancements

Eternals Mastery Emote

By reaching 15 milestones across one of your Eternal sets, you unlock the Eternals Mastery Emote. This special emote will showcase an exclusive fiery effect, providing a visual representation of your achievements. As you complete more series, your mastery emote will continue to upgrade, offering an even cooler appearance.

Different Types of Eternals

Depending on the series and champion you choose, you will receive three different milestone missions, each corresponding to a distinct Eternal category. These categories align with the ancient Runeterran gods and reflect specific accomplishments. Let’s explore them further:

– The Warden: Focuses on controlling enemies and the flow of battle.
– The Protector: Emphasizes keeping yourself and your allies out of harm’s way.
– The Empress: Highlights superior skills and exceptional performance in intense battles.
– The Guide: Recognizes your ability to lead, follow, or create a path to victory.
– The Warrior: Celebrates your prowess in demolishing enemies on the battlefield.
– The Trickster: Acknowledges your ability to deceive enemies through cunning strategies or controlled chaos.

Unlocking Personal Best Milestones

Upon reaching five milestones on a specific Eternal, you unlock the Personal Best Feature. This feature tracks your all-time single-match best score for that particular Eternal Champion. If you surpass your personal best during a match, a special milestone pop-up will be displayed for all participants to see, praising your performance.

Disabling Eternals

If the Eternals feature doesn’t meet your expectations or you wish to disable it, there is a simple way to do so. By accessing the in-game menu and navigating to the Eternal tab, you can disable Eternals, preventing them from appearing on your screen. Additionally, you have the option to select “Self and team only” or “None” to control the visibility of your Eternal milestones to opponents or teammates.


In conclusion, League of Legends Eternals play a vital role in tracking your progress and accomplishments with specific champions. Whether you opt for the common or unique Eternals, they offer ways to showcase your skills and abilities in-game. The mastery emotes, series enhancements, and personal best milestones provide further motivation and a sense of achievement. By understanding the different Eternal categories and utilizing the available features, you can enhance your League of Legends experience.


1. Can I purchase Eternals for all champions at once?

No, Eternals are champion-specific, and you need to unlock them individually for each champion.

2. Are Eternals only available for purchase, or can they be earned through gameplay?

Eternals can be purchased in the League of Legends store, but you can also earn Eternals Capsules by participating in events and achieving specific rewards.

3. How can I track my Eternal milestones?

To track your Eternal milestones, navigate to the “Progression” tab under your champion of choice. There, you will find a detailed overview of your progress.

4. Can I disable Eternals if I no longer want to use them?

Yes, you can disable Eternals by accessing the Eternal tab in the in-game menu. From there, you have the option to disable Eternals entirely or adjust the visibility settings.

5. Are there any additional benefits to unlocking mastery emotes and personal best milestones?

Unlocking mastery emotes and personal best milestones adds visual enhancements to your in-game experience, showcasing your accomplishments to both allies and opponents. This can create a sense of satisfaction and motivate further skill development.

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