Introducing Dot: New Character in Pokemon Horizons

Pokemon Horizons: The Series

A new episodic animated Pokemon adventure called Pokemon Horizons: The Series by The Pokemon Company is now officially airing in Japan. This exciting series takes fans on a thrilling journey through the Pokemon world, filled with captivating stories and incredible creatures.

Exploring the Vast World of Pokemon

Pokemon Horizons: The Series introduces us to two main characters, Rico and Roy, as they embark on a new adventure in the vast world of Pokemon. Rico, a girl from Pardea, carries a mysterious pendant, while Roy, a boy from Kanto, possesses a mysterious monster ball. Together, they set out to discover what awaits them and unravel their destinies.

Every episode of the anime “Pocket Monsters” is broadcasted on TV Tokyo every Friday at 6:55 PM. However, it’s important to note that broadcast dates and times may vary in some areas.

Immerse Yourself in the Pokemon Universe

The Pokemon Horizons: The Series anime offers viewers a chance to immerse themselves in the enchanting Pokemon universe. The series showcases the diverse habitats where these mysterious creatures can be found, including the sky, sea, forest, and even bustling cities.

Through their adventures, Rico and Roy provide a unique window into the world of Pokemon, allowing viewers to explore different regions, encounter various species of Pokemon, and witness thrilling battles between trainers and their beloved Pokemon partners.

The anime ingeniously captures the essence of what it means to be a Pokemon trainer, showcasing the passion, friendship, and growth that comes along with embarking on a Pokemon journey. It evokes a sense of wonder and excitement that has captivated fans for over two decades.

Uncover Secrets and Forge Bonds

As Rico and Roy progress through their journey, they will encounter numerous challenges, face formidable opponents, and uncover hidden secrets within the Pokemon world. Each episode is filled with twists, turns, and unexpected encounters that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The bond between trainers and their Pokemon is at the core of Pokemon Horizons: The Series. Viewers will witness the deep connection between Rico, Roy, and their Pokemon partners as they face various trials together. This aspect of the anime emphasizes the importance of friendship, trust, and teamwork.

Official Links and Social Media

For fans who want to stay updated on the latest Pokemon news and information, official channels and social media platforms are available:

By following these channels, fans can stay connected to the Pokemon community, participate in quizzes, discover behind-the-scenes production insights, and receive the latest updates on Pokemon-related content.


Pokemon Horizons: The Series is a must-watch for Pokemon enthusiasts and fans of captivating animated adventures alike. With its engaging storytelling, thrilling battles, and endearing characters, this anime offers an immersive experience that showcases the beauty, diversity, and excitement of the Pokemon world.

So, get ready to embark on a remarkable journey with Rico, Roy, and their Pokemon partners as they explore the vast horizons of the Pokemon universe.


1. When does Pokemon Horizons: The Series air?

The anime “Pocket Monsters” is broadcasted every Friday at 6:55 PM on TV Tokyo. However, please note that broadcast schedules may differ in some areas.

2. Where can I watch Pokemon Horizons: The Series?

You can watch Pokemon Horizons: The Series on TV Tokyo. Additionally, streaming platforms may also offer episodes of the anime for online viewing.

3. How many episodes are there in Pokemon Horizons: The Series?

The total number of episodes in Pokemon Horizons: The Series is yet to be determined. Stay tuned for updates from official channels for the latest episode count.

4. Are there any spin-offs or related content to Pokemon Horizons: The Series?

Pokemon Horizons: The Series is part of the larger Pokemon franchise, which includes various media forms such as video games, trading card games, movies, and more. Fans can explore these different forms of Pokemon entertainment while enjoying the anime series.

5. Can I interact with the Pokemon community online?

Absolutely! Joining official Pokemon social media accounts, visiting the official website, and participating in Pokemon forums and discussion boards allow you to connect with fellow fans, stay updated on Pokemon news, and engage in exciting conversations related to the beloved franchise.

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