In-depth Look at Combee, the Bee Pokemon

The Combee Trio: A Loyal Gathering of Honey

Combee, a fascinating Bug/Flying type Pokemon, is known for its close-knit trio that remains together from birth. With a unique ability called Honey Gather, Combee tirelessly collects honey from flowers to please its queen, Vespiquen. Let’s explore the world of Combee, exploring its characteristics, abilities, evolutions, and more in this comprehensive guide.

Appearance and Abilities

Standing at a height of 1’00” and weighing 12.1 lbs, Combee is often described as a tiny bee, showcasing its insect-like features. Its primary ability, Honey Gather, allows Combee to gather honey from various sources, enhancing its resourcefulness in finding sustenance. Furthermore, Combee’s hidden ability, known as Hustle, boosts its Attack stat while lowering accuracy, making it a formidable opponent in battles.

Type Advantage and Disadvantage

Combee’s type combination of Bug/Flying renders it vulnerable to specific types of attacks. It is weak against Flying, Rock, Fire, Electric, and Ice type moves, which trainers should consider when developing battle strategies. On the other hand, Combee exhibits resistance against Fighting, Grass, and Bug type moves, showcasing its ability to withstand attacks from these sources. Notably, Combee possesses immunity against Ground type moves, further solidifying its defensive prowess.


When it comes to evolutions, it’s important to note that only female Combee have the potential to evolve into Vespiquen. Once a female Combee reaches level 21, it undergoes a transformation, evolving into the majestic Vespiquen. However, male Combee do not experience any evolutions, retaining their original form throughout their journey.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Vespiquen

Upon evolving from Combee, Vespiquen emerges as a mighty queen ruling over a colony of Combee. Sporting a Bug/Flying type, Vespiquen possesses a unique range of abilities and characteristics that make it an intriguing addition to any trainer’s team.

Leadership and Defensive Expertise

Vespiquen, as a queen, takes charge of its Combee subjects with grace and authority. It utilizes various techniques and moves to protect its colony during battles. With an emphasis on defense, Vespiquen is equipped with moves such as Protect, Defend Order, and Heal Order. These moves not only shield Vespiquen from harm but also allow it to heal and support its allies, showcasing its admirable leadership qualities.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Similar to Combee, Vespiquen exhibits weaknesses and resistances that should be considered when planning battles. It is particularly vulnerable to Flying, Rock, Fire, Electric, and Ice type moves, which trainers should be cautious of while strategizing. However, Vespiquen displays resistance against Fighting, Grass, Bug, and Ground type moves, making it a force to be reckoned with in specific matchups.

Majestic Queen with Healing Powers

Vespiquen possesses a fascinating signature move called Attack Order, where it commands its loyal Combee subjects to attack the target. This powerful move not only demonstrates Vespiquen’s authority but also inflicts considerable damage on opponents. Additionally, Vespiquen has access to healing moves like Heal Order, enabling it to restore its own HP or support its allies in battle, solidifying its reputation as a capable healer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can male Combee evolve?

No, male Combee do not have the ability to evolve into Vespiquen. Only female Combee have the potential to undergo this transformation.

2. How can I obtain a Combee in the Pokemon games?

Combee can be encountered in various locations in Pokemon games, such as meadows, forests, or flower-filled areas. It’s important to note that the encounter rate may vary depending on the specific game version.

3. What is the significance of Combee’s gender in evolution?

The gender of a Combee determines its evolution potential. Female Combee can evolve into Vespiquen, while male Combee do not have any evolutionary pathways.

4. Are there any other Pokemon with similar abilities to Combee and Vespiquen?

While there may be other Pokemon with honey-related abilities, Combee and Vespiquen are unique in their role as honey gatherers and colony leaders. Their abilities and characteristics make them stand out among other Pokemon in the Bug and Flying type categories.

5. Can Vespiquen learn moves other than Bug and Flying type moves?

Yes, Vespiquen has a diverse movepool, allowing it to learn moves of various types. Apart from Bug and Flying type moves, Vespiquen can also learn moves like Toxic, Aerial Ace, Power Gem, and more, allowing trainers to customize its moveset based on their preferred strategies.

In Conclusion

Combee and its evolved form, Vespiquen, showcase the incredible diversity and complexity of the Bug and Flying types in the Pokemon world. With their intriguing abilities, gender-based evolutions, and unique movesets, these Pokemon offer trainers a captivating gameplay experience. Whether it’s the loyalty of the Combee trio or the authoritative leadership of Vespiquen, these Pokemon bring a touch of nature’s wonders to any team. So, venture into the world of Combee and Vespiquen, and explore the buzzing excitement that awaits!

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