In-Depth Analysis: Verdict on In-Ear Gaming Headphones

Gaming and headphones have always been closely associated with bulky over-ear designs. However, we want to introduce you to a sleek and unconventional option: in-ear headphones for gaming. In this article, we will explore whether this combination actually works and provide insights into the performance of the Shure Aonic4 in-ear headphones.

The Test: Shure Aonic4 In-Ear Headphones

As subject-matter experts, we decided to put the Shure Aonic4 in-ear headphones to the test. Shure has a reputation for producing high-quality sound equipment, but how do these in-ear headphones live up to their name?

Spoiler alert: They exceeded our expectations.

In-Ear Headphones Can be Comfortable

For those skeptical about the comfortability of in-ear headphones, the Aonic4 will change your perspective. Unlike traditional gaming headsets, these headphones are small, lightweight, and don’t apply excessive pressure to your ears.

Once you have them in your ears, you’ll almost forget they’re there. The feather-light design and quick adjustability make them remarkably comfortable, even for extended gaming sessions. Plus, the various earmolds available ensure a perfect fit for everyone.

Big Sound from Small Speakers

Despite their compact size, the Aonic4 in-ear headphones deliver impressive sound quality. The review sample we tested offered well-balanced sound with clear trebles. This is particularly advantageous for shooter games, as it enhances the ability to locate footsteps and shots. However, the sound quality also enhances the gaming experience for other genres, including League of Legends.

While the bass could be more prominent, overall, the Aonic4 excels at allowing gamers to differentiate and clearly identify sounds within games. This can be attributed to the hybrid technology utilized, which incorporates two speakers to optimize audio output.

Workmanship and Design

The Shure Aonic4 in-ear headphones boast excellent workmanship and design. The high-quality materials used ensure durability and longevity. Some might find the transparent design unappealing, but it conceals the earpieces discreetly in the ear.

The cables on the Aonic4 are detachable, allowing for easy replacement if needed. Additionally, in case of any defects, the manufacturer provides a part replacement service, saving users from having to buy an entirely new set of headphones.

It is worth noting that the included cable measures 1.20 meters, which may be relatively short for gaming purposes. While the headphones were not primarily designed for gaming, they can still be used effectively. However, users may require an adapter to utilize both audio and microphone inputs simultaneously.


For gamers with high ambitions, the Shure Aonic4 in-ear headphones offer a premium audio experience. Priced around 355 USD, these headphones provide optimal comfort and exceptional sound quality. If you also use a separate microphone for gaming, this combination is perfect for you.

However, if you have more modest sound requirements, it may be more suited to explore more affordable options. We frequently test such models as well, so be sure to check the hardware section of Riftfeed regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are in-ear headphones suitable for gaming?

Yes, in-ear headphones can provide a comfortable and immersive gaming experience. The Shure Aonic4 in-ear headphones are specifically designed to deliver high-quality sound for gaming.

2. Can I use the Shure Aonic4 headphones with my PC or laptop?

The Shure Aonic4 headphones come with a jack connection, which is suitable for most smartphones. However, if you intend to use them with a PC or laptop, you may need an adapter to utilize both audio and microphone inputs simultaneously.

3. How long is the included cable?

The included cable measures 1.20 meters in length, which may be relatively short for gaming purposes. However, it is worth noting that the cables on the Aonic4 headphones are detachable, allowing for easy replacement if needed.

4. Are the Shure Aonic4 headphones worth the price?

If you prioritize exceptional sound quality and comfort, the Shure Aonic4 in-ear headphones are definitely worth the price. However, if you have more modest sound requirements, there are more affordable options available.

5. Can I customize the fit of the Aonic4 headphones?

Yes, the Aonic4 headphones come with various earmolds, including foam and soft flex fitting pieces in different sizes. This allows you to find the perfect fit for your ears, regardless of size.

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