Ice Rider Calyrex Unveiled

Calyrex: The Merciful Pokemon

Calyrex, known as a king that once reigned over the Galar region, holds the power to bestow healing and blessings upon others. In ancient times, this legendary Pokemon ruled with great wisdom and kindness. Let us explore the captivating details of Calyrex’s abilities, forms, strengths, and weaknesses.

Type and Category

Calyrex is a dual-type Pokemon, combining Psychic and Grass elements. Its category is “King,” showcasing its authoritative presence and regal nature.

Abilities and Traits

Calyrex possesses the ability “Unnerve,” which unnerves opposing Pokemon, rendering them unable to consume Berries. This ability adds an element of disruption to battles, putting its opponents at a disadvantage. However, Calyrex does not have a hidden ability.

Forms and Evolutions

Calyrex is a Pokemon that does not evolve from or into any other Pokemon. However, it can take on two other powerful forms by fusing with other Pokemon:

  1. Ice Rider Calyrex: This form results from a fusion between Calyrex and Glastrier, another Pokemon. Ice Rider Calyrex becomes a Psychic/Ice type, gaining new strengths and weaknesses. It is known for its merciless nature towards those who oppose it, yet it displays compassion by healing the wounds of its adversaries after battle. Legends even speak of its ability to transport an entire forest and its inhabitants overnight.
  2. Shadow Rider Calyrex: By merging with the Ghost-type Pokemon known as Spectrier, Calyrex transforms into Shadow Rider Calyrex. This form possesses the Psychic/Ghost typing and an intriguing backstory. It is said that Calyrex and its bonded partner traversed the Galar region, bringing life back to barren lands. The folklore around this Pokemon includes the tale of how it saved a forest from destruction by foreseeing a catastrophic meteorite strike through its power to witness past and future events.

Height and Weight

Calyrex stands at a height of 3′ 07″ and weighs about 17.0 lbs. However, its Ice Rider form, when fused with Glastrier, towers at an impressive 7′ 10″ and weighs a staggering 1783.8 lbs. On the other hand, the Shadow Rider form, resulting from the fusion with Spectrier, maintains the same towering height but is lighter, weighing 118.2 lbs.

Unveiling Calyrex’s Strengths and Weaknesses


Calyrex, despite its formidable powers, is not invincible. It is particularly vulnerable to attacks from Flying, Poison, Bug, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Dark type Pokemon. Trainers should be cautious when facing opponents with these elements, as they pose a significant threat to Calyrex.


On the other hand, Calyrex exhibits resistance to Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, Electric, and Psychic type moves. These resistances offer strategic advantages in battle, allowing Calyrex to withstand attacks and maintain its position of dominance.


Calyrex does not possess any inherent immunities to specific types of moves. However, it is not affected by Normal and Fighting type moves when in its Shadow Rider form.


Calyrex, the benevolent and powerful Pokemon, holds a significant place in Galar’s rich folklore. With its ability to heal, create lush landscapes, and foresee future events, Calyrex remains an enigmatic figure in the region’s history. Trainers looking to harness its strength must understand its dual forms and the unique traits they bring. By embracing Calyrex’s power, one may unlock incredible potential in battles and witness the wonders this legendary Pokemon can achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can Calyrex evolve into another Pokemon?

A1: No, Calyrex does not evolve from or into any other Pokemon. It is a standalone legendary Pokemon with the ability to fuse with other Pokemon to take on different forms.

Q2: What are the weaknesses of Ice Rider Calyrex?

A2: Ice Rider Calyrex, the fusion between Calyrex and Glastrier, is weak against Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fire, and Dark type moves. Trainers must consider these weaknesses when devising battle strategies.

Q3: What immunities does Shadow Rider Calyrex possess?

A3: In its Shadow Rider form, Calyrex gains immunity to Normal and Fighting type moves. This advantage allows Trainers to resist such attacks and mount counteroffensives with precision.

Q4: Can Calyrex heal the wounds of its opponents?

A4: Yes, according to legends, Calyrex is known to display mercy and heal the wounds of its adversaries after battle. This compassionate act sets it apart as a truly remarkable and benevolent Pokemon.

Q5: Are there any Pokemon that rival Calyrex in terms of power and abilities in the Galar region?

A5: While Calyrex stands as a legendary Pokemon with remarkable powers, there are other formidable beings in the Galar region, such as Zacian and Zamazenta. These Pokemon possess unique abilities and play significant roles in Galar’s legendary tales.

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