Future of the Past: F-Zero X N64 Review

F-Zero X N64, a classic racing game released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 console, has firmly stood the test of time. Developed by Nintendo and Nintendo EAD, F-Zero X N64 takes players on an intergalactic journey where they can select from 30 unique hover-car racers and compete on various tracks with insane twists and turns. The game, the first F-Zero game of its kind, was widely received and generated significant buzz among gamers of all ages. Even though it’s been over two decades since the game’s release, F-Zero X N64 is still widely admired for its fast-paced gameplay and mechanics that influenced modern-day racing games. In this review, we will breakdown the different elements of F-Zero X N64 and dive into what made this game a classic.


F-Zero X N64 may be one of the lesser-known titles in the Nintendo 64 library, but it maintains a passionate fanbase to this day. This high-speed futuristic racing game was developed and published by Nintendo themselves, released in 1998 as a follow-up to the original F-Zero game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The F-Zero series was a pioneer in the racing genre, known for its fast-paced futuristic style and ability to create a sense of speed unrivaled by other racing games of the time. F-Zero X N64 continued this tradition with improved graphics, faster gameplay mechanics, and new gameplay elements.

Developed during the “golden age” of Nintendo, F-Zero X N64 developed by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto himself with the guidance of Kazunobu Shimizu who directed several popular SNES titles. The design aimed for players who enjoyed more difficulty, focused on a high speed racer, which needed precision in maneuvering and skill.

The game famously featured a large number of racers, each with unique abilities that required players to study and master if they wanted to be successful. Racing in F-Zero X N64 was not just a matter of driving in a straight line but involved dodging obstacles and avoiding your opponents who more times than not were also equipped to deal damage.

Compared to its predecessor, F-Zero X N64 featured improved graphics, a smoother frame rate, and a better understanding of the requirements to make a racing game. The game was designed from the ground up, with entirely new graphical assets and some of the most impressive special effects seen in the console generation. Its custom-built game engine designed to provide fast gameplay that captured the intensity of the racing genre.

Overall, F-Zero X N64 represented the pinnacle of the F-Zero series and set the standard for futuristic racing games to come. It was an instant hit with gaming enthusiasts, securing its place among the roster of Nintendo classics. Next, we will take a closer look at the gameplay mechanics that made F-Zero X N64 such a standout title.


F-Zero X N64 is a racing game that is all about speed and precision. The gameplay mechanics of F-Zero X N64 are smooth and responsive, making for a highly enjoyable gaming experience. Here is an overview of the game’s core gameplay mechanics.

First and foremost, the game offers a variety of different vehicles to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics and advantages. These vehicles are divided into four distinct classes: Beginner, Standard, Advanced, and Expert. Each class offers a different level of challenge, allowing players of varying skill levels to enjoy the game.

In addition to these vehicle classes, F-Zero X N64 also provides players with a variety of customization options. Players can modify everything from their vehicle’s acceleration to its overall stability, allowing for a truly personalized gaming experience.

Finally, perhaps the best part of F-Zero X N64 is the variety of tracks available. Each track is unique both in terms of its design and layout. Some tracks offer high-speed straightaways, while others feature hairpin turns and narrow corridors that require precision driving. This variety ensures that the game never feels repetitive, and players are constantly being challenged. Overall, the gameplay mechanics of F-Zero X N64 are among the best in the racing genre.

Graphics and Sound

When it comes to the graphics in F-Zero X N64, it is easy to see how much effort and detail went into the creation of this game. The tracks and vehicles are beautifully crafted with intricate designs and vibrant colors that pop off the screen. Each vehicle has its own unique characteristics that make them stand out from one another. The textures of the track and vehicles add a level of depth that immerses the player in the game and enhances the overall experience.

The sound design and music in F-Zero X N64 are equally impressive. The sound effects of the vehicles roaring around the track, and the music that accompanies each race increase the excitement and adrenaline that the game produces. The music tracks are catchy and memorable, with upbeat tempos that get the player pumped up for the next race. The sound and music work together to create an intense and immersive gaming experience that sets the standard for other racing games of the time.

When compared to other racing games of the time, F-Zero X N64 was truly ahead of its time. The level of detail in the graphics and sound were virtually unparalleled, and the game pushed the limits of what the Nintendo 64 was capable of. It set a new standard for racing games, and its legacy can still be seen in modern racers of today.


F-Zero X N64 has left a strong and lasting legacy within the racing genre. The game’s unique mechanics and gameplay have inspired dozens of imitators and successors. Here, we explore the ways in which F-Zero X N64 has affected game development in general and Nintendo in particular.

The impact of F-Zero X N64 on the racing genre cannot be understated. The game helped push the limits of what was possible on the N64 console, opening up a world of possibilities for future racing games. F-Zero X N64’s fast-paced, high-octane gameplay and unique vehicle classes and customization options made a significant impact on later games like Extreme-G and Wipeout.

Nintendo benefited greatly from the success of F-Zero X N64, and the franchise has become one of its most beloved and lucrative. Over the years, the F-Zero series has continued to evolve, incorporating new technologies and gameplay mechanics with each iteration. Despite its relatively low sales, the F-Zero series remains a beloved part of the Nintendo gaming canon.

The future of the F-Zero series remains somewhat uncertain. Despite its passionate fanbase, the series has been on something of a hiatus in recent years. Many fans are hopeful that the series will eventually return in some form, though whether it will be a full-fledged sequel or a reboot remains to be seen. Regardless of what the future holds, there is no questioning the lasting impact and importance of F-Zero X N64 in the world of gaming.


Throughout this review, we have explored the exciting world of F-Zero X N64, examining its gameplay mechanics, graphics, sound design, and legacy. We have outlined the history of the game and its development, compared it to its predecessors, and identified its unique features that set it apart in the racing genre.

F-Zero X N64 remains a classic racer, with gameplay mechanics that still hold up today. The graphics and sound design are truly some of the best of their time, and while not necessarily ‘realistic,’ are still aesthetically pleasing and add to the experience. Additionally, F-Zero X N64 has left a significant legacy and impact on the genre, with many games taking cues from it and it continuing to influence modern game development.

Reflecting on our own experiences with the game, we can confidently say that F-Zero X N64 is worth playing, even in the modern-day. It’s a fun and challenging racer that provides hours of entertainment, with a wide variety of customizations and track options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for nostalgia or a new racing game to play, F-Zero X N64 is well worth the investment.

Overall, F-Zero X N64 receives our highest recommendation for readers, and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we have.


  1. What is F-Zero X N64?

    F-Zero X N64 is a futuristic racing game that was released for the Nintendo 64 console in 1998. It is the second game in the F-Zero series and is known for its fast-paced gameplay and unique vehicles.

  2. What are the different vehicle classes in F-Zero X N64?

    There are four different vehicle classes in F-Zero X N64: the light class, the medium class, the heavy class, and the agile class. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and players can customize their vehicles to improve their performance in different areas.

  3. What are some of the unique features of the tracks in F-Zero X N64?

    The tracks in F-Zero X N64 are known for their varied designs and unique features. For example, some tracks have loop-the-loops or corkscrews for players to navigate, while others have hazards like mines or spikes. Each track presents a new challenge for players to overcome.

  4. How does F-Zero X N64 compare to its predecessors?

    F-Zero X N64 is often considered an improvement over its predecessor, F-Zero for the SNES. It features faster gameplay, more vehicles, and more tracks. However, some fans miss the Mode 7 graphics of the SNES game and prefer its simpler mechanics.

  5. What is the legacy of F-Zero X N64?

    F-Zero X N64 is considered a classic of the racing genre and is still played and enjoyed by fans today. It is also remembered for pushing the limits of the Nintendo 64 console with its fast-paced gameplay and impressive graphics. However, the F-Zero series has not seen a new installment since 2004, leaving fans to speculate about its future.

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