Fusion Strike English Card List Guide

The Fusion Strike Expansion: A New Era of Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is constantly evolving, bringing in new expansions to keep players engaged and excited. One such expansion is the highly anticipated Fusion Strike, set to release on November 12, 2021. With over 260 cards, including stunning Pokemon V and VMAX cards, Fusion Strike offers a fresh gameplay experience for fans.

Discovering the Magic of Fusion Strike

Fusion Strike introduces a new play style, similar to Single Strike and Rapid Strike, called Fusion Strike. This play style focuses on the synergy and cooperation between Fusion Strike Pokemon and Fusion Strike Trainers, allowing players to unleash powerful attacks and inflict negative effects on their opponent’s Pokemon.

By combining the powers of these unique Pokemon and Trainers, players will have the opportunity to deal massive damage and turn the tide of battles in their favor.

Expanding the Possibilities

The Fusion Strike expansion brings forth a wide range of new cards and strategies to explore. With 20 Fusion Strike cards, 20 Trainer cards, and new Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards, players will have plenty of options to customize their decks and create winning strategies.

Additionally, Fusion Strike includes Pokemon V and VMAX cards from various Japanese expansions, such as Fusion Arts, Family Pokemon Card Game, and High Class Decks like Inteleon VMAX and Gengar VMAX. These cards were not included in the Evolving Skies expansion, making Fusion Strike even more exciting for collectors and players alike.

Unleash the Power of Fusion Strike

Introducing New Pokemon V

Fusion Strike brings a roster of new Pokemon V to the game, each with unique abilities and powerful attacks:

  • Breloom V
  • Tsareena V
  • Rillaboom V (Rapid Strike)
  • Appletun V
  • Chandelure V
  • Cinderace V (Single Strike)
  • Greninja V
  • Crabominable V
  • Inteleon V (Rapid Strike)
  • Pikachu V
  • Boltund V
  • Mew V (Fusion Strike)
  • Lucario V
  • Gengar V (Single Strike)
  • Tyranitar V
  • Hoopa V
  • Genesect V (Fusion Strike)
  • Dodrio V
  • Greedent V

Embrace the Power of VMAX Pokemon

In addition to the Pokemon V, Fusion Strike also introduces powerful Pokemon VMAX, which are evolved versions of Pokemon V:


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