Froakie’s Reign in Kalos Region

The Popularity of Froakie as the Starter Pokemon in the Kalos Region

When it comes to starting your Pokemon journey, the choice of a starter Pokemon is a crucial decision. In the Kalos region, trainers were presented with three adorable options: Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin. However, according to an official poll conducted by The Pokemon Company, it was revealed that Froakie emerged as the most popular choice among players of Pokemon X and Y. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers and explore why Froakie stole the hearts of trainers across the Kalos region.

The Poll Results

The poll conducted by The Pokemon Company indicates that out of all the players who embarked on their Kalos journey, an impressive 49 percent chose Froakie as their starter Pokemon. This substantial figure clearly reflects the overwhelming popularity and appeal that Froakie held in the hearts of trainers. Fennekin trailed behind with 32 percent of the votes, while Chespin garnered the remaining 19 percent of the votes.

Froakie’s Allure

One might wonder what made Froakie so irresistible to trainers. Let’s explore the characteristics and unique qualities that set Froakie apart from its fellow starters.

1. Water-Type Specialty: Froakie’s classification as a Water-type Pokemon played a significant role in its popularity. The allure of water-based moves, the ability to surf across vast oceans, and the advantage in battles against Fire and Rock types made Froakie an appealing choice for trainers.

2. Stylish Appearance: Froakie’s sleek and cool design certainly captured the attention of trainers. With its iconic blue body and distinctive white bubble-like ears, Froakie exuded an air of elegance and charm that resonated with many trainers.

3. Evolution Potential: Froakie’s evolutionary line also contributed to its popularity. Trainers were excited about the potential of Froakie evolving into Frogadier and later into Greninja. Greninja’s unique combination of Water and Dark types, along with its impressive appearance and swift movement, made it an exceedingly desirable Pokemon to have on a trainer’s team.

The Legacy of Froakie

The popularity of Froakie continued to resonate within the Pokemon community even after the release of Pokemon X and Y. Its evolution, Greninja, went on to become a fan favorite and achieved iconic status. Greninja’s inclusion as a playable character in the popular fighting game series, Super Smash Bros., further solidified its place in the hearts of trainers worldwide. The legacy of Froakie and Greninja is a testament to their enduring appeal and impact on the Pokemon franchise.


In the Kalos region, Froakie emerged as the clear favorite among trainers, captivating them with its water mastery, stylish appearance, and promising evolution. The poll conducted by The Pokemon Company revealed that 49 percent of players chose Froakie as their starter Pokemon, demonstrating its widespread popularity. As trainers embarked on their journeys, they discovered the unique bond and adventures that awaited them with Froakie by their side. The legacy of Froakie and its evolution, Greninja, continues to thrive, solidifying their place as beloved icons in the world of Pokemon.

Unique FAQs About Froakie and Kalos Starters

1. Can I obtain Froakie in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

No, Froakie is not available in the Galar region. However, you may be able to trade with other players or transfer Froakie from older games using Pokemon Home.

2. Are there any special events related to Froakie and Greninja?

Yes, there have been various in-game events and distributions featuring special Froakie and Greninja with unique moves or features. Keep an eye out for announcements from The Pokemon Company for upcoming events.

3. Which Kalos starter is the best for competitive battling?

The choice of the best Kalos starter for competitive battling depends on your team composition and strategy. Each starter has its unique strengths and weaknesses. Greninja, the evolution of Froakie, is highly regarded in competitive play due to its versatility and speed.

4. Can I find Froakie in the wild?

In Pokemon X and Y, Froakie could only initially be obtained as a starter Pokemon from Professor Sycamore. However, in later areas of the game, there is a chance to encounter wild Frogadier in certain locations.

5. Are there any special moves only available to Greninja?

Yes, Greninja has a signature move called “Water Shuriken.” This move hits multiple times and can be upgraded to have increased power through Greninja’s Hidden Ability, Battle Bond.

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