Essence Emporium: Dates, Rewards, and More

Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Blue Essence with Essence Emporium

Have you ever wondered what to do with all that Blue Essence in your League of Legends inventory? It turns out that it can be more valuable than you may think. Twice a year, Riot Games presents an opportunity to utilize your Blue Essence through the Essence Emporium sale in your League of Legends client. This sale allows you to transform your excess Blue Essence into something meaningful, rather than simply accumulating more champions. In this article, we will explore the Essence Emporium, its schedule, and the various items you can purchase. Discover the hidden potential of your Blue Essence!

When Does Essence Emporium Take Place?

The Essence Emporium occurs twice a year, with one sale at the end of the season (approximately in December) and another sale happening halfway through the year (around May and June). However, it’s important to note that Riot Games has recently made some changes to the Essence Emporium. Let’s dive into the details.

Temporary Hiatus of Essence Emporium

In the LoL Patch 12.12 notes, Riot Games announced that the Essence Emporium will be taking a hiatus after the current sale. The decision to pause the event stems from a need to optimize workflow and allocate resources to other projects like missions and events. While this means that there won’t be an Essence Emporium during winter 2022, fear not — Riot Games has plans for its return in Summer 2023 as revealed in the March 2023 Dev Vlog.

Understanding Essence Emporium

Introduced ahead of Season 8 in 2018, Essence Emporium is a unique shop that appears in the League of Legends client during the sales period. It offers a fresh perspective on how you can utilize your hard-earned Blue Essence. Typically, Blue Essence is primarily used to unlock champions, but Essence Emporium opens up a new realm of possibilities. This event provides an opportunity to spend your excess Blue Essence on icons, emotes, and other exclusive items.

What is Blue Essence?

Blue Essence, also known as BE, is a currency in League of Legends that allows players to unlock champions, among other things. Unlike Riot Points, which require real money, Blue Essence is acquired in-game. You can obtain Blue Essence through Champion Capsules and Hextech Chests, making it a valuable resource for players.

When you level up, you receive a Champion Capsule that can be disenchanted to obtain Blue Essence. This means you’ll constantly be accumulating Blue Essence as you progress in the game. Keep an eye on the top right corner of your League of Legends client, where you can easily track your Blue Essence balance.

Exploring the Essence Emporium Catalogue

The Essence Emporium offers an assortment of items that you can purchase using your Blue Essence. Here are some examples of items that have been available in previous sales:

  • Urfwick Skin – 150,000 Blue Essence
  • Rune Page – 3,150 Blue Essence
  • Money Bags Emote – 75,000 Blue Essence
  • Make it Rain Emote – 50,000 Blue Essence
  • Essence Collector Ward – 6,000 Blue Essence
  • Mystery Ward Skin – 4,900 Blue Essence
  • Mystery Icon – 1,500 Blue Essence
  • Chromas – 2,000 Blue Essence

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of items available in the Essence Emporium. Each sale may bring new additions, making it an exciting event where you can enhance your League of Legends experience outside of champion acquisitions.


The Essence Emporium is a unique opportunity for League of Legends players to utilize their Blue Essence wisely. It offers a break from the typical use of Blue Essence, allowing you to obtain icons, emotes, and other enticing items. Remember to make the most of each Essence Emporium sale, as they are temporarily on hiatus starting from winter 2022 until their return in summer 2023. Don’t let your Blue Essence go to waste; embrace the Essence Emporium and unlock its hidden value!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often does the Essence Emporium take place?

The Essence Emporium occurs twice a year — once at the end of the season (around December) and another sale is held halfway through the year (around May and June).

2. What can I use Blue Essence for other than champions?

The Essence Emporium sale allows you to utilize your Blue Essence for purchasing icons, emotes, ward skins, and more. It provides a chance to personalize your League of Legends experience beyond champion acquisitions.

3. What is the hiatus period for Essence Emporium?

Starting from winter 2022, the Essence Emporium will be on a temporary hiatus. It is expected to return in summer 2023, as announced by Riot Games.

4. How can I keep track of my Blue Essence?

Your current Blue Essence balance is displayed in the League of Legends client, in the top right corner to the left of your icon.

5. Are there any guarantees when purchasing items from the Essence Emporium?

When purchasing items in the Essence Emporium, you are guaranteed to receive an emote or icon that you don’t already own. This adds an element of surprise and ensures a unique experience with each purchase.

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