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Commandos is a retro video game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Released in 1998, it has become a cult classic for gamers looking to experience a unique game that challenges their skills in a way that no other game has done. The game is set in World War II, where players control a group of commandos on a mission to save the world from the enemy forces. Commandos has a rich history, and it’s regarded as one of the most memorable games produced during the late 90s. With its unique gameplay mechanics, graphics, and sound design, it’s no surprise that gamers still pick Commandos for a retro gaming experience. This article aims to provide an in-depth overview of the game, including the gameplay mechanics, storyline, sound design, graphics, replay value, and difficulty level. We’ll be reviewing the game at the end of the article to help our readers decide if this game is worth playing.

Gameplay Mechanics

Commandos is a game that challenges players to use their strategic thinking skills to complete military missions on a variety of different stages. This game has two modes, single-player mode, and multiplayer mode, giving players versatility and challenging situations whether they choose to play alone or with friends. Additionally, when it comes to the user interface, the controls give players a smooth experience as the game offers precise movements for the characters.

The graphics of Commandos is something that can’t compare to modern games, but that’s what lends charm to the retro video game. The game was first released in 1998, but its gameplay influenced and inspired many games that came after it.

The difficulty level of Commandos can be hard at times, which is expected in a war simulation game. Players have to think about their every move before they take action. The difficulty system is set in a way that players can enjoy the game in a way that conforms to their skill level. They can also improve their game skills with time and complete harder levels as they grow in the game.

Lastly, the replay value of Commandos is high, as many gamers still play the game today, as it has become a cult classic of sorts in the video game industry. Additionally, players who have already completed the game can still play it again, as it is hard to remember and apply different strategies for the same missions.

Overall, Commandos is one of the best retro video games out there. From its gameplay mechanics to graphics, to difficulty level, to its replay value, the game has been one of the most popular games of its time. It’s clear why this game has remained a classic and has influenced so many games within the industry.

Commandos Storyline and Narrative

Commandos is a real-time strategy video game set during World War II, developed by Pyro Studios and released in 1998. The game’s storyline takes place in Europe, behind enemy lines during the conflict between the Allied and Axis powers.

In Commandos, the player is assigned a group of six commandos, who must use their various skills to complete missions and objectives. Each commando has their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The game environment and settings are beautifully designed, and the immersive gameplay takes place amid beautiful surroundings, such as green meadows, dense forests, and rolling hills of Europe.Environments like these add an exciting realism to this game.

The story of Commandos is structured like a linear movie, featuring a series of interconnected events that lead the player through various scenarios and locations. The plot is conveyed through mission briefings, animated sequences, and in-game cutscenes. The mixture of action and plot points is a significant attribute of the storyline in this game.

There are various main and supporting characters in the game such as Major Ingram, who guides and directs the player throughout the game. Additionally, each commando has their distinct personalities, abilities, skills, and challenging objectives to accomplish. The variety of characters adds an exciting dynamic to the game.

The storyline of Commandos is compelling, featuring twists and turns, intrigue, suspense, heroism, and betrayal. The plot is enriched by exciting cliffhangers, character development, and actionable plot points, which keep the player engrossed in the game. Overall, the storyline and narrative of Commandos are well-structured and add significant value to the game.

Sound Design of Commandos Video Game

Commandos, the PC retro video game, was not only successful due to its gameplay mechanics and storyline, but also due to its commendable sound design. The sound design of the game was an integral part of its success, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players.

The sound design of Commandos had remarkable attention to detail and utilized a wide mix of audio effects. Background noises, footstep sounds, and dialogues enhanced the game’s ambiance, making it more realistic. The game’s sound effects responded dynamically to the actions of the player, making each action distinctive.

One of the reasons behind the game’s extraordinary sound design was the use of an original orchestral score for the game’s background music. The background music of Commandos was specific to different missions and objectives, helping build tension or creating an upbeat atmosphere, depending on the situation. The keyboard player and music composer Mateo Pascual came up with the original one-hour orchestral score through a mix of “romantic, classical and symphonic jazz” musical styles.

Moreover, Commandos’ sound design had puzzles and challenges, with players required to use sound to detect their surroundings within the mission. The audio clues provided key hints, like enemy positions and sound marks of the objectives, which helped players in-game.

In conclusion, the sound design of Commandos is widely seen as a highlight of the game and deserves recognition for its contribution to the game’s immersive quality. The sound design makes up for a significant part of the game’s nostalgia, which gamers still remember and appreciate today.

Review of Commandos Video Game

Commandos is a retro video game that has achieved cult status over the years due to its unique gameplay mechanics. The game is set in the backdrop of World War II and follows a group of commandos on their missions to sabotage enemy lines. In this review, we will take a closer look at the gameplay mechanics, storyline, sound design, and graphics of Commandos.

Pros of the Game

  • The gameplay mechanics of Commandos are unique and offer players a fresh gameplay experience that is hard to find in modern games.
  • The game offers an excellent challenge for players with a good variation of missions. Difficulty levels steadily increase throughout the game, making it difficult but rewarding.
  • The soundtrack and sound design of the game are on point. The sound effects are fantastic and immerse the player into the game’s environment.

Cons of the Game

  • The Graphics can be somewhat dated, but that’s to be expected in a game that is more than two decades old.
  • The game’s storyline can be a bit predictable, and players may find themselves guessing what happens next in the story.
  • Replayability is relatively low, especially of considering the game’s age, as there is little variation in missions and levels to keep players coming back for more.

Gameplay Mechanics, Storyline, and Sound Design
Commandos’ gameplay mechanics are unique and set the standard for tactical strategy games for years to come. The game’s primary objective is to destroy Nazi occupancy however possible. Players must navigate their way through a level taking out enemy units and accomplishing mission objectives without getting detected. The game is known for its high difficulty level that steadily increases as players progress.

Commandos’ storyline is okay with a few high points. It’s an engaging plot, but players might find themselves guessing what will happen next in the story.

The sound design of the game is top-notch, with well-designed sound effects that immerse the player into the environment without being overbearing. The background music is raw with the game’s World War II era and sets the player’s emotional state during the game.

Difficulty Level and Replayability
The difficulty level is high and steadily increases, making it a rewarding experience as players progress. However, few may find it too difficult to complete some missions.

Replayability is limited due to its lack of variation in missions as the game progresses. The game’s novelty never fades, but playing through the same missions repeatedly may not keep players engaged for long.

Final Score
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Commandos a solid 8. Despite the cons mentioned above, the game is a must-play for those who enjoy tactical strategy games with a high degree of difficulty. The gameplay mechanics are unique and offer an experience that has yet to be replicated in modern games.

Sure, I can write the conclusion section of the article based on the outline you provided. Here it is:


After analyzing the gameplay mechanics, storyline, sound design, and graphics of Commandos, we can conclude that this retro video game is a masterful display of strategic gameplay.

With challenging difficulty levels, players must learn how to coordinate team-based tactics and strategy to complete challenging missions. This game offers a true test of strategic planning, execution, and management skills, making it one of the best retro video games of its time.

The game’s storyline is intricate and engaging and the sound design adds an immersive element to the game. The minimalistic graphic assets of the game still hold up remarkably well in modern times, adding to the classic feel of the game, and the replay value is high.

Commandos’ impact on the video game industry made it a cult classic, and it inspired a generation of tactical strategy games like the “Desperados” series, “Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun”, and “Aragami”. Thus, we see how Commandos has left a lasting impression on the video game industry.

Overall, Commandos is a classic retro game deserving of recognition, with gameplay that is challenging and engaging, immersive sound design, and an intriguing storyline. Our final verdict is a score of 9 out of 10 based on its strategic depth, artistic design and significant role in revolutionizing tactical strategy games.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Commandos?

    Commandos is a cult classic retro video game that was released in 1998. It is a tactical real-time strategy game that is played from a top-down perspective.

  2. What are the gameplay mechanics of Commandos?

    The gameplay of Commandos involves controlling a team of soldiers and completing missions in different environments during World War II. The game has multiple difficulty levels, which add to its replay value. The controls and user interface of the game are easy to understand, making it accessible to players of all skill levels.

  3. What is the storyline of Commandos?

    The story of Commandos is set in World War II and follows a team of soldiers on their missions behind enemy lines. The narrative unfolds through actionable plot points that the players can experience during the gameplay.

  4. What is the sound design of Commandos like?

    The sound design of Commandos creates an immersive atmosphere that complements the gameplay. The background music and sound effects heighten the tension during the gameplay, and the audio effects play a critical role in completing sound design puzzles and challenges in the game.

  5. What is the review of Commandos?

    The review of Commandos praises the game for its gameplay mechanics, storyline, sound design, and graphics. The game is difficult but highly replayable, making it a cult classic retro video game. The final score of the game on a scale of 1 to 10 is highly dependent on the player’s preferences in terms of game difficulty and gameplay mechanics.

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