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GO Battle League: Season 9 Update


Trainers, get ready for the highly anticipated kick-off of GO Battle League Season 9! This season, your ranking holds more significance than ever before, so it’s crucial to start your climb early. As the season progresses, we will share more about how the season’s results will impact future events. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

Season Start Date, Rank Resets, and End-of-Season Rewards

GO Battle League Season 9 is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 30, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. PDT. At the beginning of the season, the following will occur:
– End-of-season rewards will be available on the battle screen.
– Your GO Battle League rank will be reset.
– Rank-up requirements will remain the same as in Season 8.

Season 9 Schedule

The season will consist of various leagues and cups, each with its own start and end dates. Here is an overview of the schedule for Season 9:

Aug 30 – Sep 13: Great League

During this period, Trainers can participate in battles using Pokemon with a CP cap according to the Great League rules.

Sep 13 – Sep 27: Great League Remix

In the Great League Remix, the 20 most frequently used Pokemon by Trainers ranked at Ace and above in the Great League will be restricted.

Sep 27 – Oct 11: Ultra League

The Ultra League phase allows Trainers to battle with Pokemon that fall within the designated CP range.

Sep 27 – Oct 11: Ultra League Remix

Similar to the Great League Remix, the Ultra League Remix restricts the 10 most used Pokemon in the Ultra League by Ace-ranked Trainers and above.

Oct 11 – Oct 25: Master League*

In the Master League, Trainers can go all out with their most powerful Pokemon with no CP restrictions.

Oct 11 – Oct 25: Master League Classic*

The Master League Classic is a version of the Master League where Legendary and Mythical Pokemon are not allowed.

Oct 11 – Oct 25: Little Jungle Cup**

The Little Jungle Cup introduces a unique twist by setting the maximum CP limit for participating Pokemon at 500. Additionally, only Normal-, Grass-, Electric-, Poison-, Ground-, Flying-, Bug-, and Dark-type Pokemon can join the battle. Please note that Shuckle and Smeargle are not permitted.

(This pattern with alternating leagues, remixes, and cups continues throughout the season. More details can be found in the official Pokemon GO blog.)

What’s New in Season 9?

To make the battle experience even more exciting, GO Battle Nights will now be known as GO Battle Days in Season 9. This change aims to allow more Trainers to participate and enjoy the battles.


During the event, the maximum number of sets you can play per day will increase from five to 20, ensuring up to 100 battles. Additionally, there will be a 4× Stardust bonus from win rewards on specific dates.

Guaranteed Rank-Up Encounters

As you progress through the ranks, you will encounter various Pokemon. At rank 1, you will have the opportunity to encounter one of the Pokemon that Galar Champion Leon is known to use. Higher ranks offer encounters with different Pokemon relevant to the respective ranks.

Standard Encounters

Throughout the season, winning battles will reward you with encounters with select Pokemon. The Pokemon currently appearing in five-star raids also have a chance of appearing as a reward encounter after reaching Rank 20 in the GO Battle League.

Avatar Items and Other Rewards

Trainers who reach Rank 3 will receive special Pikachu Libre avatar items. Additionally, various avatar items and poses inspired by Galar Champion Leon will be rewarded at different ranks. Keep battling to unlock these unique rewards!


Season 9 introduces several cups with specific rules. Participate in these cups for a fresh and engaging battle experience with unique Pokemon, CP limits, and type restrictions. Some of the notable cups are:

– Great League Remix
– Ultra League Remix
– Little Jungle Cup
– Halloween Cup
– Special Cup: Players’ Choice.

New Attacks and Attack Changes

Several moves have undergone changes for Season 9 to enhance battle strategies. Moves like Weather Ball, Crunch, Zap Cannon, Scald, Feather Dance, and Megahorn have received tweaks to ensure a balanced and thrilling gameplay experience.

Attack Availability Updates

Certain Pokemon, such as Nidoking, Poliwrath, Heracross, Manectric, Castform, and Cofagrigus, can now learn new charged or fast attacks. This expanded movepool enhances their battle versatility and allows Trainers to explore different strategies.


Get ready for an action-packed GO Battle League Season 9! With new features, cups, rewards, and exciting battles, this season promises to be a thrilling adventure for Trainers worldwide. Stay updated with the latest news and updates by turning on push notifications and following @PokemonGoApp on Twitter. Remember to have fun, strategize, and become the ultimate Pokemon Trainer!


Q1: How can I participate in GO Battle League Season 9?

To participate in GO Battle League Season 9, simply access the Battle screen in Pokemon GO. Tap on the GO Battle League option to start battling other Trainers from around the world.

Q2: Are there any changes in the ranking system for Season 9?

The ranking system remains similar to Season 8. Your performance in battles and win-loss ratio will determine your rank in the GO Battle League. Climb the ranks to unlock exclusive rewards and encounters with rare Pokemon!

Q3: Can you explain the cups introduced in Season 9?

Cups in Season 9 add exciting challenges and unique rules to battles. Some cups have CP restrictions, type limitations, or banned Pokemon. Participate in these cups to test your skills and adapt your battle strategies accordingly.

Q4: What are the benefits of participating in GO Battle Days?

GO Battle Days provide Trainers with increased sets per day and Stardust bonuses, allowing for more battles and enhanced rewards. Make the most of these special days to

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