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New Mystery Gift Distribution Events for Pokemon Sword and Shield


Attention, Pokemon trainers! Exciting news awaits you in the Galar region. The Pokemon Company has just announced the arrival of new Mystery Gift distribution events for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures with special Pokemon available for a limited time. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to make the most of these exclusive opportunities.

Battle with Satoshi’s Pokemon in “Pocket Monsters Sword Shield”!

Experiencing the World Championships in Anime

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Pokemon battles as you follow Satoshi’s journey in the anime series, “Pocket Monsters.” Satoshi, the determined protagonist, challenges the Masters Tournament of the Pokemon World Championships, a prestigious event that determines the pinnacle of Pokemon battles. To commemorate this monumental occasion, a unique campaign has been launched, allowing players to acquire Satoshi’s Pokemon in the popular Nintendo Switch game, “Pocket Monsters Sword Shield.”

Obtain Satoshi’s Pikachu (World Cap) via Movie Screening

From Thursday, August 11th to Thursday, September 8th, the special limited edition “Satoshi’s Pikachu (World Cap)” can be obtained by attending screenings of the “Summer Memories, Get it! 25th Anniversary Pokemon Film Festival” at theaters nationwide. As an added bonus, viewers will receive a serial code that enables them to receive this iconic Pikachu in their “Pocket Monsters Sword Shield” game. Don’t miss the chance to add this unique Pokemon to your collection!

Weekly Pokemon Rewards from Watching the Anime

Starting from Friday, August 12th until Friday, September 16th, players can unlock Satoshi’s Pokemon by watching the anime series “Pocket Monsters” and entering the weekly passwords revealed during the broadcasts. Each week, a different Pokemon will be featured. The line-up includes Gengar, Kairyu, Lucario, Negiganite, and Wonoragon. Make sure to tune in and grab these incredible Pokemon to join your team!

How to Receive Satoshi’s Pikachu (World Cap)

Movie Theater Locations

To enjoy the exclusive promotion, head to theaters nationwide screening the selected movies as part of the “Summer Memories, Get It! 25th Anniversary Pokemon Film Festival.” For specific screening schedules, kindly consult the official website of each participating theater.

Mystery Gift Implementation Schedule

The distribution of the limited serial codes for “Satoshi’s Pikachu (World Cap)” will take place on the following dates:

– August 11th (Thursday/holiday)
– August 19th (Friday)
– August 26th (Friday)
– Until September 30, 2022 (Friday) or until supplies last

Requirements and Restrictions

Here are a few important points to note before claiming your special Mystery Gift:

– The number of available presents is limited and varies depending on the theater, so act quickly.
– Each serial code can only be redeemed once.
– One Pokemon can be obtained per serial code, and it cannot be redeemed across multiple save data.
– You can receive the target Pokemon regardless of whether you have purchased the “Pocket Monster Sword Shield Expansion Pass.”
– Remember that you cannot receive the Mystery Gift using “Pokemon HOME” or any other “Pokemon” series software.
– In order to receive the gift, your Nintendo Switch must be connected to the internet.
– Please ensure that the user linked to the console has a Nintendo Account for internet connectivity.
– The validity period of the serial code determines eligibility, and it cannot be redeemed after expiration.
– If you enter an incorrect serial code ten times, a temporary lockout will occur. Please wait for at least six hours before attempting again.

Weekly Passwords for Satoshi’s Pokemon

Updated Passwords Each Week

During the period from August 12th (Friday) to September 16th (Friday), you can acquire Satoshi’s Pokemon by entering the designated passwords broadcasted during the “Pocket Monsters” anime series. Make sure to take note of the following dates and corresponding Pokemon:

– Wonoragon Password: August 12 (Friday). Expiration date: August 25 (Thursday)
– Kairyu Password: August 26th (Friday). Expiration date: September 8th (Thursday)
– Gengar password: Friday, September 2nd. Expiration date: Thursday, September 15th.
– Negiga Night password: Friday, September 9th. Expiration date: Thursday, September 22nd.
– Lucario password: Friday, September 16th. Expiration date: Thursday, September 29th.

Redemption Notes

When redeeming the weekly passwords, please keep the following in mind:

– Each password is valid for one save data only.
– You can receive one Pokemon per password.
– The possession of the “Pocket Monster Sword Shield Expansion Pass” is not a requirement for receiving the Pokemon.
– The Mystery Gift cannot be obtained through “Pokemon HOME” or other “Pokemon” series software.
– To claim the Pokemon, ensure that you can connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet.
– Link your console’s user to a Nintendo Account for internet connectivity.
– Please note that the passwords will become invalid once their respective expiration dates pass.
– If you enter an incorrect password ten times, you will experience a temporary lockout period. Wait for six hours or more before attempting again.
– Keep in mind that the presentation periods and contents are subject to change without notice.


Don’t miss your chance to participate in the exciting Mystery Gift distribution events for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to acquire Satoshi’s Pikachu and other incredible Pokemon for your team. Whether you’re heading to the movie theater or tuning in to the anime series, these exclusives await you! Embrace the adventure, catch ’em all, and prove your skills as a true Pokemon trainer!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I redeem the Mystery Gift without internet access?

No, in order to receive the Mystery Gift, you must have an internet connection on your Nintendo Switch console.

2. Can I use the same serial code multiple times?

No, each serial code can only be used once.

3. Can I receive multiple Pokemon if I have multiple serial codes?

Yes, you can receive as many Pokemon as the number of valid serial codes you have.

4. Do I need to purchase the “Pocket Monster Sword Shield Expansion Pass” to acquire the Pokemon?

No, the Expansion Pass is not required to obtain Satoshi’s Pokemon.

5. Can I transfer the Pokemon to “Pokemon HOME” or other Pokemon series software?

No, the Pokemon received through the Mystery Gift is not transferable to “Pokemon HOME” or other Pokemon series software.

Source: The Pokemon Company

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