7th Anniversary Rewards in Pokemon GO

Niantic Celebrates 7th Anniversary of Pokemon GO with Exciting Events

Celebrate with an All-Out 7th Anniversary Party

Niantic is thrilled to announce the 7th Anniversary Party of Pokemon GO, inviting trainers from around the world to join in the festivities. From now until July 12, 2023, players can immerse themselves in a celebration filled with unique daily event bonuses, captivating Field Research tasks, Timed Research challenges, and even encounter costumed Pokemon. Don’t forget to don your festive party hat and get ready to catch ’em all!

Unleash Your Luck with Increased Gimmighoul Coins and Lucky Pokemon

During this anniversary celebration, trainers have an increased chance of receiving 7, 77, or even more Gimmighoul Coins when spinning a PokéStop equipped with a Golden Lure Module. Additionally, the iconic Squirtle, Pokemon No. 0007, will take the spotlight during the exclusive Community Day Classic event on July 9. Throughout the week, players will also have an increased chance of becoming Lucky Friends and receiving Lucky Pokemon through trades, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

Sublime Event Bonuses

To make this anniversary truly exceptional, each day of the celebration brings forth a unique bonus that trainers can take advantage of. These bonuses include:

July 6: Double XP for Catching Pokemon

On this day, trainers can earn double XP for every Pokemon they catch, providing an excellent opportunity to level up and strengthen their teams.

July 7: Double Stardust for Catching Pokemon

Trainers will rejoice on July 7 as they receive double the amount of Stardust for each Pokemon caught. This bonus will help them power up and evolve their Pokemon more efficiently.

July 8: Double Candy for Catching Pokemon

Catch ’em all! July 8 brings the chance to obtain double Candy for every Pokemon caught, making it easier to evolve and power up favorite Pokemon.

July 9: Half Egg Hatch Distance

Trainers can hatch Eggs with half the usual distance required when placed in an Incubator on this specific day, giving them a head start in adding new Pokemon to their collection.

July 10: Fast-Friendship Growth

Friendship levels will skyrocket as trainers witness their relationships with other players grow twice as fast on July 10. Send and receive gifts, participate in raids, and collaborate with friends to maximize this bonus.

July 11: Double Candy for Transferring Pokemon

Clearing space in the Pokemon storage becomes even more rewarding on July 11, with trainers receiving double Candy for every Pokemon transferred. It’s the perfect chance to make room

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